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Creating A Style From A Midi File Using Style Wizard

After clicking on "Style Wizard...(Auto-Create Style from MIDI file)" the Style Creation window will open up. Click on "Open" at the top of the Creation window and then navigate to the midi file you want to use. In this case I have a file of "You Are My Sunshine" and I will be creating a style from this midi file. I have had good results using the defaults that the "Wizard" has picked out so I'll leave them as they are. Rather than create a whole long list of what everything does, if you click on the "Help" button, BIAB will bring up the help section and explain everything about this Style Creation Window for you and what each setting does. I'll just get you through this using the defaults as they are. So once you have your midi file click on the "Open" in your file menu box or double click your midi file that you want to use. Lets move on to the next pic.

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