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Adding A Tag In Band In A Box

In this section I'll go over how to add a tag. So far if you played what we have, you now have an intro and 3 verses of this song before it ends. We want to put a different ending on this song but because we have it in a continuous loop until it reaches the end of the last measure, you can't just put an ending on the end of the last measure. If you did then Band in a Box would play the ending each time it looped through the song. So the solution is to tac on an alternate that Band in a Box can go to on the last time of the loop and play just that section. This is done very easily. Endings can be a bit tricky but being a little smarter than Band in a Box there is almost no limit to what kind of ending you can put on but that will be covered a little later. Lets go to the next page and get started.

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