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Entering Triplets In Melody Notation

Next move your cursor to the middle vertical line of the last beat and enter your note as before. This will change the first note of your triplet to a 1/4 note and the second note of the triplet will turn into a 1/4 note and the last note will be a 1/4 note tied to the next measure with the triplet indicator over the three 1/4 notes. The last tied note will end when you move to the next measure and enter your first note. So what you end up with is exactly what we wanted from the start which was a 1/2 note followed by three 1/4 note triplet.
Now lets keep going and enter a three 1/4 note triplet followed by a 1/2 note. Will tie this all in to the same melody line so let's move on.

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