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Entering Triplets In Melody Notation

Special thanks to Don Gowen for this section. Don first emailed me and asked how to enter a 1/2 note followed by three 1/4 note triplets to finish out a 4/4 measure. Try as I might I could not figure out how to do this. I knew about changing the notation mode to triplet form as I will also show you how to do this but even in triplet (Also called swing) notation I was still not able to come up with the correct way to enter this. Thanks to Don, he came up with the way to do this and was kind enough to email me back the information. I spend more time removing melodies than I do entering them but I can be almost positive that at some point in time some one will want to know how to do this and it will probably end up being me so I thought I would put this up for all to use as I would forget how to do this after a while and then have to go through the process to figure it out again. Ah yes, the mind is a terrible thing to waste.
First I will show you how to enter a 1/2 note followed by three 1/4 note triplets and then I will show how to enter three 1/4 note triplets folowed by a 1/2 note and finaly just a regular triplet. This is not hard to do and is very simple if you know how.
Don just sent me an email and informed me that I missed showing how to set up a measure showing how to get 2 three 1/4 note triplets in the same measure so I will add this on now. Sorry for the error on my part and thanks to Don once again for alerting me to the oversite on my part.

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