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Changing Styles Within A Song

After clicking the "OK" button you are brought back to the main screen and you can see now that there is a "Red Square" around the #21. If you were to play this file you would hear the song start off in the Ray Price style and as soon as it got to measure 21 the style would change to the Fats Domino style and the song would continue to play in that style until the end of the song or until another style change was made at a different measure. Also as the song is playing, when it gets to measure 21 in the style window at the top of the page just below the tool bar you would see the style go from Rprice to Fats Domino.
Now for Ha Ha's and just to show you how to change your style again or to really mess this thing up, let's do another style change at a different measure. Let's go to the next screen shot.

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