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Changing Styles Within A Song

I've opened up the song "Way To Survive" for going through changing styles in a song for a few reasons. The first one being that this song uses a tag to jump to the end of the song but more importantly it is looping twice before it jumps to the end of the song. This is very important in that when we choose a different style, the new style will keep playing until we get to the end of the song the first time through and then it will revert back to the original style the song started off in as it plays through the second time until it hits the bar that we made our style change at. Once it gets to the bar where we made are style change, the song would play in that style again until the end.
This may not be what we want so the first thing we need to do is to unfold this song so that everything is in one single big chorus with no repeates or tags and then once that is done we can make our changes without having to fear of the style changing when we don't want it to and it will also allow us to add other styles where we want through out the song. Lets go to the next Pic.

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