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Creating Folders

After double clicking on the "C drive" icon, you should see a panel open up like this. As you look at this panel you can see all different folders. Bet you can guess what the folder named "BB" has in it. If you guessed that this folder had pictures of bathing beauties in it you would be wrong but if you have any of those pics send them my way and I'll make a special folder for them deep in my computer somewhere where no one can find them and in my case, I'd probably forget where I put them any way so on second thought better not send them. If you guessed that this folder has the BIAB program in it you are correct.
Okay, lets start to make are folders. Remember we are going to create one folder called "MY BIAB Songs" and then inside of this folder we will be creating three more folders. We are going to put this file on the root directory of the "C drive" but you could just as easily put it in one of the other folders by clicking on one of them. For now, just put it on the root directory. Once you learn how to do this you will be able to make folders and put them any where you would like them.
Look at the top of the picture and just under where it says "Local Disk (C:)" is what we call the tool bar. On the tool bar you see the word "File" and this is used to manage all of your files and folders. Click on "File" and then lets go to the next Pic. Okay, I know you see a thing just below all that tool bar stuff on the left side with something that says "Make A New Folder" and yes you could click on that and do the same thing that we are about to do but I want you to use the long way around so that you can get use to finding your way around the tool bar.

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