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Creating Folders

After clicking on the "My Computer" button you should see this panel. Lets look at this panel for just a quick second. If you look at the top portion of the screen just under the tool bar you see to folders. Just under those folders you see the "C hard drive" and then in the next panel down you see the "CD/DVD drive" and I want to talk just a bit about the drives.
For this section we will be using the "C drive" to put our new folders on. If I were using my home computer, you would have seen a "D drive" in the picture as I have two hard drives on my home system. You also would have seen a 3 and a half inch "A drive" on my home computer as well. I have seen systems, like at my shop, where I have 20 different drives. These are actually just partitions on our server but the whole point is that you can make a folder on any drive you want as long as you can get to it.
Since we are going to make are folders on the "C drive" just double click on the icon for the "C drive" and then lets go to the next Pic.

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