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Creating Folders

As you can see, there are now three folders and they have been named "SGU Files", MGU Files" and "MGX Files." Now lets just do a little re cap of what we did. We first opened up our C drive and then we created a folder called "My BIAB Songs", then we opened up that folder and created three more folders named "SGU, MGU, and MGX Files" and what I want you to understand is that if you wanted to get to lets say the "SGU Files" folder, you would open your C drive, then you would open the folder "My BIAB Songs" until you finally got to the "SGU Files" folder which you could now get to if you had to. This is also called "navigating" and is what I mean when I say "Navigate to here or where ever". In other words you have to move (navigate) through drives and folders to get to your final destination. You also now know how to make a folder any where you would like. You could have made these folders inside the BB folder if you had wanted to, just like you made the three folders inside of the first folder you made. You also learned how to name your folders. As a quick note, I would suggest that when you name a file, you give it a name that will mean something to you. In the next section we will learn how to place files in these new folders that you just made. Try experimenting with this and create some new folders on your own. You can always click on them and delete them when your done playing around. In fact in this next section for placing files you will be creating another folder and I'm not going to tell you how to do it because if you went through this then you already now how.

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