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Creating Folders

If you did everything correctly you should now see your new folder that you created with the name "My BIAB Songs" just like what is shown in the picture. If for some reason you hit the enter key before you named your file all you have to do is right click on the name which will still say "New Folder" and then click on "Rename" and then type in "My BIAB Songs" followed by the enter key and you will all set. Now we are going to create three more folders, but we will create them inside of this folder and not on the root directory like we did this one. Why would we want to create three folders inside of this one and not just make the new folders on the root directorys? Well the reason is simple. It's for ease of finding your files that you want. Let's say I created all my folders on the root directory. I could have thousands of folders and would have to cursor and probably curse (you know, when profanities comes out of ones mouth) as well through all the folders just to find the one I wanted. This takes time and a lot of memory (on my part) to remember exactly where you put something. Since these folders will all be associated with BIAB, why not just keep them in a folder that I can associate with BIAB. Now all I have to do is click on this one folder marked as "My BIAB Songs" and I know that any thing in this folder will be just songs that I am using for BIAB. Simple enough answer?
No, Okay, Lets take the example of your house being like a folder and within your house you have different rooms like folders within a main folder. Now think of your house being on your street and your street as being the root directory. If your address is #1 on your street address and you placed all your other rooms along your street, you would still be able to get to them but if you had to go to the bathroom and you placed your bathroom a mile away on your street, well I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want to run a mile just to go to the bathroom if I had a case of the runs. So you would want to place your bathroom inside of your house along with all your other rooms.
Okay, lets make are new folders within this folder. Double click on the folder "My BIAB Songs" and then lets go to the next Pic.

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