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Creating Folders

Okay, we are going to start right at the beginning. As I said I am going to go step by step on this and will treat this section as if you knew nothing at all about how to create folders. I am on vaction and at my campsite in up state New York so I am using my laptop to do this. This is a picture of my main screen that I have when I first power up my computer. Your screen will probably look different. I'm using XP Home for my operating system. In any case you should see a button marked "Start" at the lower left corner of the screen. All operating systems allow you to create and manage folders and files. I'm not going to tell you to turn on your computer because if you don't have it on, you would not be looking at this site or this page. However I will tell you things that you may know already, so just bare with me as all people may not know the things you do. So click on the "Start" button and then lets move on to the next Pic.

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