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My brother-in-laws father played steel in his own little 4 piece band and had a beautiful D10 Shobud. He was the one who really got me into the steel and the guy could play. He was a wonderful man but has since passed away. About 3 months ago I started looking for a Shobud D10 as I can still remember the sound and how beautifuly he played. I found one on e-bay and won the bid. Part of the description was that there was not a ding or dent in it and when it arrived the description was right. There wasn't one, there were hundreds of them and the guitar had about 30 years of crud built up on it. Well, I took the whole think apart and then after looking at what looked to be a 1000 piece gig saw puzzel laying on the floor I thought "How in the heck am I gonna get this thing back together". About a month past and after the degreasing, sanding and polishing, I finally got it back together. Next came the task of retuning and setting up the pull rods and pedals. That was interesting to say the least. The 4th string would only lower by 30 cents and then start to go back up. Oh nuts, this changer has to come back out. The problem was that the cam action had worn a rut in the riding surface and was hanging up. Solution, change it with a finger that you don't use. I swapped it with the 9th and put every thing back together. I must have done something right because there is ZERO drop or raise and yes all the pedals and knee levers do what there supposed to. This Pro III sounds great to me. I'm still working on getting out the dents and dings one by one but here's a picture of it so far.

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