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Using Sound Fonts

This is broken into two sections. The reason for this is because some of you may already know how to set up your sound font files so that your sound card will play them. If you know how to do this then you can go to the bottom of the page and click on the part for setting up the BIAB patch map and skip this first part. In this first section I'll go over how to set up a sound font so that your sound card will be able to play it. In the second part I'll show you how to set up a patch map to allow the sound font to be played via Band In A Box.

First of all, let me explain something about the sound you hear when you play a song. Band In A Box has nothing to do with creating sound. No sound at all comes from the BIAB (Band In A Box) program. All sounds that you hear are generated by your sound card. The sound card generates sounds via sound fonts. If the sound you hear for lets say a piano, sounds like a 29 dollar Casio keyboard, don't blame BIAB, Blame your sound card and the sound fonts that it is using. Also along these same lines, the better your sound card and speakers, the better your sound. Think of it like listening to a CD on your car's CD player and then taking the same CD and listening to it on a top of the line home stereo system. You get the picture.

I have recently upgraded my sound card to the SoundBlaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum. This is a 24 bit card and has good recording quality. This does not mean that you have to use or upgrade to this card. It just means that the screens I show you are for this card's software. I will keep everything as basic as possible and explain as I go along.

There are thousands of sound fonts that can be down loaded from the net. Most of these fonts will be compressed and you will need to de-compress them in order to use them. Allanahs web site has a lot of sound fonts that you can down load for free and also has a program to de-compress them. For the purpose of showing how to use sound fonts and set everything up, I down loaded one of them for a fiddle and saved it in a folder and then de-compressed it in that folder using the programs on her page. The bad part is that you can't preview the sound first. It has to be down loaded and de-compressed and then set up for your sound card first before you can hear it. I provided a link at the bottom of the page for her site

Okay, lets get started. Click on the pics from left to right to see a larger view and explination.


2nd Section: Using Sound Fonts

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