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Using Sound Fonts

When you click on the "Sound Font Bank Manager" the window on the right will open up. Next you will click on the button marked "Bank" and the "Configure Bank" window will open up as shown on the left.
Now comes the fun part as I'll try to explain what this mess is all about in terms you can understand. All sound fonts need to go into a place that the sound card can get to. This place is called the "Bank." You can think of the bank just like you would your own bank that you put your money in. When you need some you go to the bank and draw what you need out. This is the same thing that the sound card does for a sound. When you want a sound to play, you tell it to go to the bank and get the sound. Easy so far but it gets a little more confusing. There are many different banks and just like your bank that you put your money in, there are many different accounts. Now the sound font banks are set up with an address that has a "LSB" and a "MSB" that is involved. "LSB" stands for "Least Significant Bit" and "MSB" stands for "Most Significant Bit" and if you were to look at the address with both "MSB" and "LSB" showing you would see something that would look like this [0000][0000] followed by a name in the bank window. We are lucky that we do not have to deal with this as the last 4 digits are always zero for the font bank so as a result we are dealing with the "MSB" part of the address. Just like the bank that you keep your money in, you have an account number which is like the address. Your money is in the bank but it is in an account that you have to access if you want to get money out. Well, this is the same thing with the sound font. It will be put into an address so that the sound card can get to it when it needs it. There is also a "Preset" which you can think of like the cashiers draw at the bank. She or he has different denominations of monies in the draw. If you wanted a 10 dollar bill the cashier would reach in the draw and take a 10 dollar bill from the slot that it was located in. The "Preset" holds everything that is accosiated with that font in this location. I hope I haven't lost anyone so far but you will start to understand as we move on. Lets go to the next Pic.

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