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Recording with Power Tracks Pro Audio 7

Most people that have purchased Band in a Box have also purchased Power Tracks Pro so that they would have the ability to be able to record themselves playing with a backup. This is great as it does a couple of things. First it lets you hear how you sound and you can and will be able to create a full CD if you so choose to. Second if you don't like what you hear you can always re-do your recording until you get what you want which for me is just being able to get a recording done without any blown notes. In my case it may take me 50 to 80 takes before I finally get something right.
The recording process is not as hard as you may think and with the screen shots and descriptions you should be able to get through this just like we did with making a WAV file using Band in a Box.
Before starting make certain that you have your amplifier's "Line Output" or whatever your using connected to the soundcards "Line Input". If you want to you could also mic your amp and use the "Mic" input on the soundcard. I will describe the recording process using the "Line Input" but whatever way you choose if you don't have an input going to your soundcard, you won't record your playing. Also you need a WAV file for your backup to play along with. With all this at hand, lets get started. You can ask any questions you need to as it will only help if I missed a process for some reason. Start by going from left to right on the pics as they are in the order of the steps that should be taken.

Recording with Power Tracks Pro Audio 10

For those of you that have Power Tracks version 10, this help section was done when I first started out and was designed using version 7. The top of each page with the screen shot and description will be for version 7 and after that section I will add the screen shots for version 10 with the explinations. For the most part, everything that is done in version 7 will be done the same way for version 10 and if something changes I will tell you.

Click on the pics to see a larger view and explination. Remember this section was designed for version 7 but as you click on the Pics, version 10 will be explained at the end of the version 7 page along with the screen shots for version 10. Not all screen shots for version 10 will be done if the exact same thing is going on and all that changes is the screen being different.





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