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Editing Instrument Patterns In A Style

When you click on the "Edit Current Style" you will see a screen that looks like this. We will change the bass pattern so you need to click on the radio button for "Bass" and the message that you see in the window is because I held my cursor over that little icon that represents a note in this panel. Before we start let's take a look at the panel that you see. There are rows going down the left side and a number of colums next to them going across. Lets examine the first row which is "A 8 beat". This stands for a pattern which will consist of 8 beats to complete. There are also a series of 6 boxes with numbers in those boxes going accross. Each one of those boxes contains a pattern of notes and the number inside those boxes is the weight of which that pattern has or how often it may be played. The weight is on a scale of 1 to 8. The higher the number or Weight, the more often that pattern will be played. In other words if there were only 2 patterns to choose from in this style for a 8 beat pattern and 1 of those boxes had a 2 in it and the other had a 5 in it, the pattern with the 5 would be played more often then the pattern with the 2 in it. The same holds true for the other rows and colums as to how they work. "A 4 beat" consists of a pattern which takes 4 beats to complete and so on down the line. This particular style has no patterns for the "B" substyle of this style. If there was a "B" substyle then you would see patterns for those rows as well. You should be able to guess by now that the next thing we will be clicking on is the icon that represents the musical note in this panel. Click on the next pic and will continue.

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