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Editing Instrument Patterns In A Style

Ever find a style you would like to use because of the instruments being used but the patterns are not to your liking? Why not change the pattern to what you want? Ok, I know you don't know how to do it but this is very close to the same way that you edited the drum pattern. The principles are the same and only the process is a bit different. First, let me start by saying that there are usually two ways of doing something. You already know how to enter and edit a melody and in a way this is almost the same thing except you will be doing it with the patterns in the style. You could always enter what you want played in the melody or soloist section for the entire song and that is a way to do what you want, but what if you happen to be using both those channels for something else? Or you need to change chords? Using the style patterns will alter the notes automatically where as entering straight into the melody or soloist, you would have to change the notes manually. You would also get poed pretty quickly if that song was 120 measures long, even using short cuts like cutting and pasting. Doing it this way you will only be changing notes for a maximum of 2 measures or 8 notes at the most, which to me seems a lot easier. Remember I'm lazy and will take the easy way out every time.
Start by going from left to right on the pics as they are in the order of the steps that should be taken.

Click on the pics to see a larger view and explination.




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