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Correcting Pitch And Adding Harmony For Singing In Band In A Box 2004

This is the opening screen for the new Band In A Box 2004. It is more plaeasing to the eye in my opinion, but that's just me. I did a quick track of "San Antonio Rose" and have entered all of the chords for it. Actually I down loaded a midi file from the web and brought it in to BIAB and just changed it to fit my needs. Hey, I'm lazy, what can I say. You can use any thing you like but here is where you should do a "Save As" and rename this file. I renamed it to "SR1" and then saved it. As we go along I will tell you when I do a "Save AS" so that you won't mess up your file and also this will allow you to get back to a starting point if need be. With this in mind do a "Save AS" now and then open the file that you saved. In other words I saved the first file as "San Antonio Rose" and then did a "Save As" "SR1", and then opened "SR1". Now lets move on to the next Pic.

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