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Changing A Midi To A WAV

After clicking on the "Open" button, Power Tracks will load the midi file in. As you can see, each track has been loaded on to a different track. Remember this is a midi file and not a WAV file and that's why it looks strange as can be. All that will change in a bit as we are about to convert this file into something that can be used and merged with another audio track when the time comes.
Okay, for all of the people that have been using Power Tracks to edit there midi files with, I'm going to assume that at this point, the midi file we have in here has been edited to the way you want it and you are now ready to convert it over to a WAV file. For people just learning this, I will not go into how to edit the midi file in this section and will save that part for future use. With that being said let's get this file converted. Let's go to the next Pic.

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