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Changing A Midi To A WAV

Continue to remove the rest of the "MIDI" tracks ONLY, until only the audio track or tracks is left as shown.
Now this is where I had said I would show the people that had recorded an audio track with the midi tracks how to get around there problem. For those people you should have nothing but audio tracks left and at this point you can do whatever you want to as now you are dealing with the same type of files, that being all audio. If you still have more audio to record simply go into your recording properties panel and choose your input you want to use such as the "line" or the "Mic" input or whatever you are using and your all set to continue recording as you need or want to. I would imagine at this point that you would be done anyway so the only thing left to do is merge everything together to save it as a WAV file. Lets move on to the next Pic.

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