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Changing A Midi To A WAV

Now before you can record we need to select what input we want to record. There are two reasons I leave the the "VU" meter panel up. The first is that while I'm recording I can monitor the level to find out if I'm to hot and will distort the signal and the second reason is because I can get to my sound cards recording properties very quickly. Remember, I'm lazy and don't want to keep going in and out of programs if I don't have to.
To get to the recording properties panel just click on the icon of the speaker that is located on the "VU" panel. This will open up the recording properties window as shown. A quick word about this is that it may take a little bit of time before this panel opens up so don't be alarmed if it dosen't open up right away. Once it opens up, I would click on the "MIDI Synth" for the input that I want to record. Now depending on what sound card you are using you may have something different like "What You Hear" and you would click on that. After you have made your selection close out the panel. Remember you are trying to record the midi track on to the audio track you selected so if you do choose something like "What You Hear" just remember that if it comes through the speakers, it will be recorded on to the track you chose so if you have another audio track recorded and you don't want it on this track then make sure you mute that audio track before you get ready to record. Let's go to the next Pic.

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