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Changing A Midi To A WAV

In order to get this midi file converted to a WAV file we need to record it as a WAV file while it is playing. To do this simply find an empty track with nothing on it and make it an audio track. Now don't tell me you can't find one as this program has 48 tracks you can use and I have yet to see even the largest midi file go over 12 tracks.
I have chosen track 8 to use but you can use any empty track you want. First click on the track number you want to use and then "Right Click" on that number and you will see two things happen. The first, is the track will change color indicating you are going to be using that track and then when you "Right Click" on the track number again, a panel will open up so that you can choose what type of track you want to make. The default for all tracks are midi type and since we want to change this track to an audio type we would move our cursor to the item marked as "Track Type: MIDI" and you will see a choice panel open up that will allow you to change your track type. I chose "stereo" but you could just as easily choose "Mono" if you like. It all has to do with your preference. Let's go to the next screen shot.

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