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Changing A MIDI To A WAV

Okay, first thing to do is to open up Power Tracks. Now I have resized my panels that I have open. These panels can be sized any way you like them by moving your cursor near an edge and then clicking on the edge and dragging it to get the size you want. Normally I would have the "Mixer" and "Track" panel filled to just under the tool bars and layered on top of one another. The panels I have open are the "Mixer" panel, located on the right and the "Track" panel located on the left and I also have the "VU" panel open as you will see why in a few seconds or at least how ever fast you can read. By the way I'm using Power Tracks 9 but this can still be done with version 7 and as a side note any thing you can do with a previous version can still be done with the new stuff. It's just that things will look a bit different and there are more short cuts as well as some new features that the previous versions didn't have.

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