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Changing A Midi To A WAV

Well, in this section I will go through converting a midi file to a WAV file. This section came to be for a few different reasons. The first part being that people needed to be able to edit a midi file exported from BIAB with more editing power than the tools used in BIAB would allow and also because when you record audio with this program and want to merge it with a rhythm track, that track also has to be a WAV file. You can't just do an audio recording on one track and merge it with a midi file that takes up a bunch of tracks without doing a little work first.
Lets suppose that you brought a midi file into Power Tracks and your done with all your editing and now you want to record an audio track to merge with this. Well, first thing you have to do is to change the midi file you just worked on over to a WAV file and then get rid of the midi stuff as it will no longer be needed. Once this is done, you will be left with one track that has your midi file you were working with converted over to a WAV file (audio) and then you will be able to record your audio tracks with whatever you want to.
Now, lets also suppose that you didn't know you had to make all your tracks audio first and recorded an audio track using the midi file tracks before you converted the midi file to a WAV file. All is not lost and you don't have to re do everything. I'll explain as I get toward the end of this as to how to get around that problem. For right now lets just deal with getting your midi file in and converting it over to a WAV file.

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