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Exporting A Song As A Midi File

After you clicked on the "OK" button, you will be brought back to the previous screen. Now, I clicked on the arrow next to the "Midi File type" because there are basically two types of midi file formats that can be used. "Type 1" will put everything on different tracks which is normal. "Type 0" puts everything on 1 track and this is not what you want to do. You want to be able to make your changes to each midi track seperately so that it dosen't effect any thing else. For instance, lets say you wanted to add more reverb to the solo track but none to the melody track. If you chose "Type 0", this would not be possible because these would both be on the same track and when you added the effect to this track it would effect both but by choosing "Type 1", these tracks will be seperate and can have the effects on one but not the other. Remember that the whole reason behind sending this song out as a midi file is so that you can better edit what you want so the more tracks there are, the better off you are. Choose "Type 1" and then because we want to save this file to our hard drive, click on the button marked "File on disk" and then lets go to the last screen shot.

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