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Exporting A Song As A Midi File

From time to time you need to edit your song with a little more power than what BIAB has. Now don't get me wrong here as BIAB is great for creating a song and doing a lot of things for getting it to sound the way you want it to before rendering it to a WAV file so that you can record with it but, BIAB's main purpose was for composing and not editing. To get more powerful editing tools it is best to use an editior/sequencer type program such as Power Tracks.
In order to get the most out of editing a song it is much easier to edit the song while it is still in a midi format. Okay, I know that some of you who have been using the help sections from the beginning are saying, Hey wait a minute, You've been saying all along that BIAB is playing nothing but a "MIDI File" to begin with so isn't the song file in a midi format already?
The answer to that of course is Yes but, BIAB has it's own type of format that only BIAB can read and in order to be able to get your song file so other editor programs can use them, you need to change the BIAB format into one that other programs can use. To do this you simply export your song as a midi file.

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