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Correcting Pitch And Adding Harmony For Singing In Band In A Box 2004

After the warning box goes away you will be shown the recording box. Before you can record you need to tell BIAB where it will get it's source from. Click on the box marked "Set Recording Properties" and your sound card's recording panel will come up. I used the mic input so I have this checked. You may be using your mic into a preamp and then taking the line out, in which case you would use the line in so you would check that box instead. However you decide to do this is up to you but in any case, if you don't check the box you need, you record air. After your done setting your input source on this panel just close it out.
Because I'm using the mic input on my sound card I also brought my volume level up but I'm used to this and it works for me. Your setting may very. If your signal is distorted then bring the volume slider back down. You can always use the VU meter and check to make certain that you are not in the red zone on the meter. I started at the begining of the song so the radio button for Start Of Song is "ON" in the Record Audio box. Also I am starting the recording from the first bar and am only doing one chorus. You can set this up for your own needs but this is just to get you going and I cut the living heck out of the file that I did so that the sound files would be small. Check the radio button that is marked "NO MIDI RECORDING". You do not want any part of a midi file in this recording.
OK, are you ready? Click the button marked "Record." The song will start playing and you start singing when you want to. The song will continue until it ends. Lets go to the next PIC.

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