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Bringing In An Instrument From Another Style Into The Current Style

After clicking on "Edit Current Style" the Style Maker screen will be shown. Now we want to bring in the bass so click on the radio button marked as "Bass" just like in this screen shot. When you click on the radio button marked "Bass" you will see both the "A" & "B" substyle pattern weights. The weights or numbers that you see in each of the boxes are how often that pattern will be played. We covered this before on editing the drum pattern style and it holds true for the bass part as well as all the style patterns. We won't be editing the pattern like we did with the drums. Instead we will be replacing the "B" substyle with the "B" substyle from the ZZJAZZ style which has the walking bass. We are only going to use the bass part and nothing else. Lets move on to the next shot.

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