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The second you hit the wav button Screen

Now comes the fun part. I have not entered anything for a background to record but Band in a Box will record whatever is on the screen when you hit the play button. OK, click on the "wav" button. We will now record. If you made it this far then your doing great. I put this screen up because this is a window that will come up the second you click on the "wav" button. I don't want you to get alarmed because of what the message says. You are making a wav file to be able to burn on a CD to have so that you can play it like you would any other CD that you would like to play along with. This message does not apply for what you are doing so you don't have to go back and change your drivers. Good googly goo you just got the drivers set. Just hit the "ok" button and the wav rendering screen will come up like in the next picture.

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