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Changing Substyles In Band In A Box

If you look at this page you will see measures 1, 5, 7, 11, & 21 have a letter "a" in back of them. If you remember I said from the begining that Band in a Box will play in the same substyle until you change the substyle with a different letter. So why are those little "a's" behind the numbers if Band in a Box will play the same style? This is because these letters will also serve as a different function called "Part Markers". A "Part Marker" is a part in the song that I want to put in a drum fill but I want to keep the same substyle. Band in a Box will instruct the drum part to play a 1 bar fill just before it gets to this part. In other words, I'm changing this "Part" of the song, hence the name "Part Marker". With the exception of the begining of the song, a drum fill will be done one bar before the measures 5, 7, 11,& 21. To put in a "Part Marker" or a change for a substyle, just click on the measure number with the mouse. You have 3 choices to choose from. Substyle "A", or "B", or no letter which indicates no change. The substyle "A" is represented in blue and the substyle "b" will be represented in green squares around the number. Lets go to the last page.

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