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Changing Substyles In Band In A Box

Open up the "Mansion On The Hill" file and lets take a look at this screen for a minute. This is where the "a" & "b" behind the measure numbers come in to play. Some but not all of the styles have two different styles of playing the same style. These are called "Substyles" The styles that have substyles to them will normally have the "*" (asterick mark) in front of that style. This is one of the reasons I chose this style to use with this song. If You look at measure 1 you can see that there is a blue box around the number and the number has a small letter "a" in back of it. When there are 2 different substyles to choose from you need to tell Band in a Box which substyle you want to start with. Band in a Box will continue to play this style until you change it or if the "Vary Styles in Middle Choruses" is checked. If this box was checked then when Band in a Box loops the second time, substyle "b" will automatically be played until it comes back around. Lets go to the next pic and I'll explain a little more.

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