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Band in a Box Slowing Down The Tempo

We are going to slow the tempo down from it's current setting of 90bpm (beats per minute) to 75bpm. If you look at the "Edit Settings for Current Bar" window that just came up, just enter in 75 at the "Tempo change to" box as I've done.
The tempo will change to 75bpm at the begining of measure 24 because this is where we set the white box at. This is important to understand. BIAB will continue to play from the measure that you made the change at until it is told to change again. Since we are only going to slow down the ending we don't have to worry about this since we are at the end of the song. If for instance we wanted to slow the tempo down to 75bmp at measure 10 and then bring it back up to 90bpm at measure 15, then we would put the white box just behind measure 10 and enter a 75 in this window and hit the "OK" and then move the white box to measure 15 and go through the same process and enter in a 90. You can also change the tempo by raising or lowering the percentage box as well. If I wanted to raise the tempo to 99 without putting it in the "Change tempo to" box I could enter in a 10 in the percentage box. Because 10% of 90 is 9 then 90 + 9 = 99 and I would get the exact same thing. You could also change your time signature for this bar via the "# beats this bar" but there are better ways to do it then here. You could also change styles, harmonies, patches(instruments) in the same way.
You get the idea so just click on the "OK" after you entered the 75 and then lets go to the next pic.

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