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Editing a Drum Pattern In Band In A Box

After clicking on the "Edit Current Style", the bottom chart will appear. This is the "Drum Pattern" for the "Z4country.sty" that is currently being used by the "Mansion On The Hill" song.
Before we get started let me explain a few things about the numbers that are in the bottom chart. OK, I know your screen dosen't look like this yet and it will not until you read the explination of the first chart. OK, can't wait, just click on the "Rec" button and the second chart will appear. Happy now?
Let's talk about the bottom chart first. On the left side going down, you see "A pattern", "B Pattern", "drum fills", and "end drums" followed by numbers in a bunch of little boxes after each. The "A pattern" holds any of the drum patterns that are associated with the "A substyle" and the "B Pattern" holds any of the drum patterns associated with the "B Substyle". Remember that the substyles are the letters that appear after the measure number or a blue box for substyle A and a green box for substyle B. The drum fills can be associated with either substyle and the end drums are associated with the drum patterns for ending the song.
The numbers in the boxes are the weights, or how often a particular pattern will be played. Ever wonder why sometimes you play the file and the drum pattern will sound different from the next time it plays while going through the verse again? This is the reason why. The first time through, BIAB may choose the first pattern and the next time it may choose the 4th pattern. Patterns with higher weights will be played more often then others. This same thing holds true with the drum fills and endings that are used. Lets go to the top chart. We are going to change the "A pattern" so move your cursor over to the first box behind the "A pattern" and click on that so that the box is highlighted and then click on the "Rec" button. The "Drum Pattern Edit Window" will appear. This window is for the pattern of the first box behind the "A pattern". If you highlighted the 2nd box instead then this window would be for the pattern of the 2nd box. Lets go to the next screen shot.

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