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Recording Screen

This is a screen shot after I hit the "STOP RENDERING FILE" a few seconds after it started. You can see there is already 350k in the file for a few seconds worth of recording. This is because the recording is done at a rate 44.1k which that for every second you record there will be 44,100 bits of data in a file. Wav files are huge and for an average song of 2 minutes you can expect to see a file size of around 30meg. Next thing you should do after stopping the rendering process is click on the "Test WAV" located right accross from the Render to Wav file button that you used to start your recording. If everything was recorded properly then you will hear the wav file played back. If you did not hear the wav file being played back then check you recording control panel and make certain that you have the right output set up. If your not certain then choose another one and repeat the last 2 processes until you find one that works for you.
OK, now that you have the file recorded to a wav you can now burn it to a CD. Band in a Box allows you to burn a CD from it's program but I have had nothing but problems using this. I would suggest that you use your own CD burning program instead.
There is also an easier way to get your file and a lot faster to do in the process using the "Direct Render(Save WAV)w/Roland VSC3". Go to the next picture and I'll explain.

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