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Recording Screen

This is the recording page where you will turn what Band in a Box is playing into a wav file. The screen on the right is the audio control panel used to tell Band in a Box which of your audio outputs you want to use for the recording source. I'll explain this in a minute so don't get nervous. You need to access these controls and you get to them by clicking on the button marked as "Set Recording Properties..." This will bring up the Recording Control box. There are other ways to get to this but since your already in Band in a Box why not get to it from here. Lets talk about this screen for a minute. I am using a SoundBlaster PCI 16 for my soundcard. These are the controls that I have available to me for use with my system. For me to be able to record the output I have to check the "Mixed Output". Band in the Box will use the sound that has been channeled to the mixed output of the soundcard for the recording source for the wav file. If I checked the Auxiliary then Band in a Box would use this as the source for the wav.
Band in a Box also allows you to record with one open channel and you could use the "Line IN" or the "Mic" to record both the rhythm track as well as what ever you had plugged into one of these inputs if you chose to do so. We are not doing this so you need to check the box that will put your soundcards output as the source for the wav file. I would suggest that you make a test recording of a second or so first and then play it back to make certain that you have configured the recording control box for the right output. NOTE: YOUR CONTROL BOX MAY DIFFER FROM MINE AS PER YOUR SOUNDCARD. I will tell you that this is all going to be done in software and no matter what you have plugged into your sound card or unplugged from it will not make any difference. That is unless you decided to run a 110 volts ac into it some how and in that case recording will be the least of your problems to worry about. In any case if you don't have this configured correctly you will record air and nothing else and this is why I suggest that you make a sample recording of a second or so just to make certain that you have it set up correctly. Next up is to render it to a wav so move onto the next page.

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