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Adding A Rest Box

The first type of a rest is the type that you hear in the song "Pop A Top" where the band is playing along and then you hear a one chord shot and the music stops. This is called a shot and is represented by the chord you want to hear followed by two dots just like you see here. I put this on the fourth measure of "Mansion On The Hill" and will also show you a second type of rest in the next screen.
Move the white box over to measure 4 and then type the "c" in followed by two periods. Now a word about why I right clicked on the note to bring up the window that you see here. First of all you could just as well as typed in the "c" followed by the two periods behind it and then hit the enter key and you would have gotten the shot type of rest without the window being called up but I called this window up for a reason. If you wanted to keep the drums playing or some other instrument playing while you put in the rest you could click on the radio button marked as "All except" directly under the radio button marked as "All Instruments" and then click on the drum box. At measure four, all the instruments would stop but the drums would keep playing. In the song "Pop A Top", all intruments stop. Lets move on to the next screen shot.

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