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Keeping the take (Version 7 & 10)

Ok, I take it you think you may want to keep this recording. When you click on the "Yes" button, Power Tracks will process your new recording. This window will pop up as the file is being generated into the new wave file.
Wait a minute, don't close anything out yet as you haven't yet saved it as a WAV file. You also have no idea if it is what you want to save and won't know until after you have heard it played back. To hear it played back, wait until after this window has closed. Next press the "Rewind" button, thats the button marked like this "<<". Next highlight track #1 and then click on the "Play" button. That's the green arrow right next to the "Record" button. Power Tracks will then play back what you recorded along with track #1. Lets go to the next screen.

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