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Recording with Power Tracks (Version 7 & 10)

Now that you have your volume set you can close out the Recording Control Panel. You are going to be recording on track #2 while track #1 is playing. In order to do this you need to select track #2 and as this screen shows, track #2 is selected. I've already started recording and when I took this screen shot I didn't get it with the levels moving in the VU meter but as you are playing and Power Tracks is recording you will see activity in both the left input because that is the channel you are recording on, as well as the output channels.
There are two ways to start your recording. The first is to click on the "Red Circle" icon and run like crazy over to your guitar and try to get seated and hope that you make it in time to start playing when you need to or you can take my way. My way was to get a wireless keyboard and bring it over with me to the guitar. For those not wanting to purchase a keyboard, they also make keyboard extension cables. To start the recording process with the keyboard just hit the "Ctrl" key with the "R" key on the keyboard and then set your keyboard down. No, not on the neck as you will probably want to play and the keyboard will be in your way. Set it off to the side where you can get at it easily or on the floor. To stop the recording you have two ways to do this. You can hit the space bar on the keyboard or you can get up from your guitar and run over to the computer mouse and click on the "Black Square" icon. Lets go to the next screen shot.

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