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Changing Instruments In Band In A Box

After you clicked on the "Save Song with Patches & Harmony" the "Assignement Window" will come up. Since we only want the Bass, Piano, Drums, Guitar, & Strings to be on with this song, only check those boxes. Those boxes also go along with the radio buttons just below the pull down menu's and there is no reason to make them active at this point in time.
DO NOT CHECK THE BOTTOM BOX AS IT WILL TRY TO APPLY THESE SETTINGS TO ALL SONGS!!! Before you can save this file you have to assign the patches to the instruments that will tell Band in a Box what to load when this song is loaded. The original settings will still be in the boxes even tho we sent the patches over before. To get the new patches you have to click on the "Fill w/Patches" button first. Once you click on that button the box for the "Piano" patch will change to the patch setting that you sent over to it before. Now click on the "Save" button. Lets go to the next screen shot.

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