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Entering A Melody

In this screen shot I moved the mouse cursor over to the "G" note that I placed on the last beat of the first measure. Next I did a "Right Click" on that note. As I described, on the last pic screen shot that you could change the note by "Right Clicking" on it and then change the boxes that you need to. If you wanted to make the note sharp or flat you would change it by clicking on the "Down Arrow" next to the "Auto" box. You can edit any note by using this method as long as you are in an editable notation window. You can also change the note to any note that you want by changing it in the window for the note. For instance, instead of the note being a "G", I may want to change it to an "A". To do this I would change the "G5" to an "A5". Everything and anything is possible to do to any note using this method.

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