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Entering A Melody

Once you clicked on the "OK" the options window will close. Now you can see that each measure has four set with four vertical lines in them. I am going to enter a melody for just the intro but once you see what is going on and how each note is entered, you will be able to do this with any thing you want. In the "Lead In" measure I want to enter two quater notes at the last part of that measure. The firt "C" is entered on the first vertical line of the third set of vertical lines in that measure. To do this, move the mouse cursor to the first vertical line of the third set of vertical lines and to the space for the "C" (Second row of spaces down). If your not certain look at the "Yellow" rectangular box just to the right of the "Print" icon. As you move the mouse over the lines and spaces, the notes will appear in this box. Once you have the mouse cursor where you want the note placed, just click on it. After clicking on where you want your note placed, Band in a Box will place the note there. Notice that it placed a half note and not a quater note. As I said before, you are in a sort of automatic mode. Band in a Box assumed that you wanted a half note since there were 2 beats left in the measure from the 4 beats. It also tied this note to the next measure. Don't worry about this as you will see in the next pic. Lets go to the next pic and I'll explain a little more.

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