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Entering A Melody

Since we are building on the "Mansion On The Hill" file, open this file. If you look on the left side of the page under the button marked "NEW", you will see a "SINGLE NOTE" icon. Click on the "Single Note" icon and this window will come up. THIS WINDOW IS NOT EDITABLE. It is only the notation window. Since we will be entering a melody, you need to click on the "M" icon just above the "C" chord in the 3rd measure. The "M" icon will then have RED bars above and below the icon. By doing this we are telling Band in a Box, that we want to edit the "Melody" of the song. Next click on the "N" icon between the "8th Notes" and the "Print" icons. This will put you into the first "Editable Notation Window" that you will use to enter in your melody. Lets go to the next pic.

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