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Changing Instruments In Band In A Box

BEFORE CHANGING ANY INSTRUMENT, PLAY YOUR FILE AND WHILE IT IS PLAYING CLICK ON THE INSTRUMENT FIRST THAT YOU WANT TO USE. Band in a Box will allow the instrument you selected to play with out changing anything. Once the file has stopped playing and you start it again, Band in a Box will go back to the original instruments that it used for the style that was chosen. If you like what you heard while the file was playing then continue with these procedures. If you decided to keep the instrument then you have to save the song with the instrument "Patch" or every time you start the file up Band in a Box will start it with the original settings for the style that you chose to begin with. We are going to change the sound of the "Piano" that is playing to the sound of a "French Horn". You can do this with any instrument that you like but for demonstration purposes, I'm using the piano. Open up the "Mansion On The Hill" file that we've been working on. Just under the top of the menu pull downs are the instrument parts. Click on the circle for the "Piano" and then move over to the "Instrument Window" and click on the down arrow key. The instrument window will open up. Now scroll down until you get to the "French Horn". Now click on the "French Horn". Lets go to the next pic.

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