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Band In A Box Midi Driver Screen

Most any purchase of Band in a Box now also comes with the VSC3 software. This is another program that emulates the sounds of an instrument much better than any instrument that a general midi driver can do. I would highly suggest that if you haven't loaded it to do so as I will show you a quicker way using the VSC3 to make the wav file a little later. You can use the driver wizard to find the midi drivers for you or you can set up the drivers the way I have them here. I don't have a midi input such as a keyboard to use so I have no driver selected for the input. The input is not the problem when it comes to getting Band in a Box to produce a sound. It is the output driver that is selected that makes this software work. Make sure that you have 430 in the latency box if you are using the VSC driver. Next click the ok button.
That wasn't so hard and now your drivers are set up to work with Band in a Box.
Now if you click on the "Play" button you should hear Band in a Box playing something from your speakers. If you don't check to make certain that you haven't muted your sound. You can also send me your questions and I'll be happy to help you out. If you have no sound coming out give me a shout so that I can share with others via screen shots any things I may have missed.

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