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Editing a Drum Pattern In Band In A Box

To give you an idea of what goes on I chose to have the "Ride Cymbol" hit constantly but I want it done softly. The numbers in the box, are the velocity of the note. Think of it as the volume level at which it is heard. you can enter any number from 0 to 127 but if you want to hear something I would suggest that you enter in at least 50. I entered in a 60 for each box that I wanted the cymbol to be hit. If you enter a 0 then the box will be blank and nothing will be heard for that beat. Now let me try to explain this timing and how it works. First of all everything in BIAB is entered in 4/4 time, even a waltz. Right now we are in a time base of 12. There are 4 beats (4 groups) with 3 divisions per beat (3 rows in each group). There is also a time base of 16 and that would have 4 beats (4 groups) with 4 divisions per beat (4 rows in each group). You can always hit the "Play" button to listen to how your pattern will sound. When you are done entering in your pattern that you want, click on the "Exit" button. Now lets go to the next screen shot.

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