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Changing The Count In

Once you click on the "Preferences", of course what else would you expect, the preferences window will open. This is where you can change the "Count In" at the begining of your rhythm track. The "-" behind the number means that no beat will be heard at that count. I chose the 1-3- 12-- as that will be more than enough. This is going to be important when we start editing out the "Count In" at a later point in time so I would suggest you play a little bit with this to get used to it. When we get ready to edit out the "Count In", you will want to use one that will leave a good blank space before you or the rhythm track starts because we will be taking away time to do this and the closer that "Count In" is to where the start of your recording is, the more difficult it will be. You can also change the "Instrument" used to do the "Count In" if you choose to. Just use the arrows next to the "Instrument" as you did with the "Pattern" and you will see the different instruments that you can choose from.

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