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Band in a box Style Menu

Click on the "STY" icon. This screen will come up. This is where you will choose the style of backup that you want to use. I will say right now that I have no idea what you all have for style options. Some may have the mega pack with all the styles that PG Music has to offer and some may have just the basic styles that Band in a Box came with. Since I like to play traditional country I purchased style disk #26 and added that on as I purchased the basic Band in a Box to begin with. With this in mind, I decided to pick a style that came with the basic package. You can use which ever style you like as it really makes no difference at this point and you can change it at any time you like just by clicking on the "STY" icon and choosing another style. Click on the "*Z4COUN12" style that is highlighted and then click on the "OK" button. I should point out that there is a "*" with this style and that means that there is not just one style but that there is also another style that goes along with this. I'll explain this a little later down the line when we start spicing this rhythm track up. Lets go to the next screen.

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