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Band in a Box opening screen

Start by opening Band in a Box as shown. If you look at the opening screen you will see that next to the "Song" icon in the title box it has "Untitled Song". Under the title box is the style box and the current style is "WLZ_SLOW". You can also see that the key is in "C" and the tempo is at "120". The next boxes have a 1, then a 32, and then a 3. Don't worry about any of this just yet as we will be changing all of this and I'll explain what each box is for as we go along. The first thing we have to do is choose a style. The opening screen that Band in a Box comes up with is from the last style that was used with the defaults for that style. Since this style is a waltz and is in 3/4 time, we can't use it for Mansion On The Hill as that is in 4/4 time. Lets go to the next screen.

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