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Band in a Box "Mansion On The Hill" rhythm track screen

As I said before we will be building on the rhythm track that we created for "Mansion On The Hill" so if you open up the file for this song you should see this screen. This is the way it was saved and we really need to get an intro in to help it out a bit. Most every song I've ever listened to has some type of an intro and that's what I want to do with this. Before we start I need to explain something about those numbers that you see to the right of the tempo box. If you have played this track from start to finish you will hear that it plays from measure 1 until measure 16 and then repeats back to measure 1 and starts all over again from that first measure. It does this a total of three times before it ends. The box with the number 3 in it tells Band in a Box how many times to repeat from the first measure to the last before it ends. If there were a 5 in the last box then the track would be repeated 5 times. The number in the first box is what tells Band in a Box where to start playing at "UNLESS" there is an intro. You'll see how this works in a minute and I'll explain as we go along. You don't need to worry about this but you do need to be aware of how it works. Lets go on to the next page and will get started with the first way to get some intro measures going.

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