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Band in a Box Automatic Intro Generation

Once you click on the "Auto Generate Intro" this screen will pop up. You have all sorts of choices. Chord types can be Jazz or Pop. The length or how many measures can be 2, 4, or 8 measures long. The starting chord after the intro will be the chord that the intro will resolve to and is usually the very first chord after the intro ends. In this case it will be a "C" because we will generate a 4 measure intro and the first chord to start the verse is a "C". You can change the starting chord of the intro to any key you would like. In this case we will be starting in a "C" and going into the "C" chord when the intro ends. If you changed this to lets say an "E" chord, then the intro would start with an "E" chord and resolve down to the "C" chord when the intro ended. You can also change the beats that are played during the intro via the Pedal Bass. You can also choose to use 7th's instead of 6th's when the intro is generated. I would suggest that you experiment with this. Just because I don't care for it dosen't mean that you will. You can always undo it if you don't like what you hear. Lets keep the settings I have for demonstration purpose and click on the button marked "(Re)-Generate Intro Chords". Now lets go to the next screen.

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